Sensational Holiday Appetizers Everyone Loves

Sensational Holiday Appetizers Everyone Loves

Try these simple appetizers that everyone loves this holiday season. Give yourself the gift of time with these easy to make favorites whether for a holiday party or curled up to watch the game.

Cheese Dip

Cheese Ring

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Cheese Dip

Given the amount of traffic this recipe gets I am planning to buy shares in Kraft. In the hierarchy of comfort food this rates at the pinnacle and is a go-to for all sporting or simply stay home and watch a movie night.
1 block Philadelphia Cream Cheese (you can do low fat but why bother)
2 16 oz blocks of Velveeta cheese (there is a debate on Blanco v yellow but you can test both)
½ Green Pepper finely chopped
1lb organic lowest possible fat content ground beef
Tad of olive oil
2 cans habanero rotel tomatoes
Your favorite chips or scoops

In a double-boiler pan get a good low roiling boil going.
Add the cheeses and let them get good and melted. Meanwhile fry the meat in a little oil. When cooked and when the cheese is fully blended and melted add the beef and the pepper and mix well.
Once this is mixed slowly mix in the cans of Rotel tomatoes. It will take 10 – 15mins for it to fully blend and get up to heat.
It is then ready to serve. Suggest serving a little in small crock pot or dip tray. Keep more in reserve as it goes very quickly. If it doesn’t you should consider changing your friends.
You can freeze this (if there is any left)

Amazing Spicy Cheese Ring

Madoli Food for Moods Spicy Cheese Ring

For a small cheese ring use the following just double up for larger serving.

8oz good white sharp cheddar fresh grated
8oz good traditional (orange) cheddar fresh grated
1/2 onion grated
Mayonnaise to bind
Cayenne Pepper to taste
Strawberry jam preserves such as Amish Jam

Combine cheese with onion and cayenne pepper. Bind by carefully blending in the mayonnaise so it comes together without being “soppy”.

Devils-on-Horseback Appetizer is a traditional party food – a great combination of salty and sweet.

Devil’s on Horseback Appetizer

It’s bacon what’s there not to love.

1 box of prunes – Order from Amazon

1 Packet smoked bacon

Soak cocktail sticks in water. Heat the oven up 375F.

Cut bacon in two. Wrap prunes with rashers of bacon and skewer with cocktail- stick.

Cook for 25 minutes or until golden. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes before serving

Headers Image by annca from Pixabay